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Web Work Of Mendi+Keith Obadike

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | November 3, 2005

Thursday, November 3, 2005, 6pm


Mendi and Keith Obadike in person!

Mendi+Keith Obadike are interdisciplinary artists whose music, performances, and conceptual Internet artworks have been exhibited and commissioned internationally. Their critical writing has been widely published. The couple eschews the notion that the Internet can mask identity by using the web instead to explore, celebrate and broadcast their work, which involves innovative investigations of personal identity, using their messages to encourage audiences to think in new ways. Their work generated much discussion on and offline when they offered Keith’s blackness for sale on eBay in 2001. Tonight they share with us The Pink of Stealth, a flash-based online game story about two characters who attempt to hide something about their identities through different forms of “passing” and whose distinctive qualities are in some way related to pinkness. Pink is a way of accessing ideas around health, wealth, race, gender, and sexuality. Also screening, three works in progress: 4-1-9 (Or You Can’t View a Masquerade By Standing in One Place; Taronda, Who Wore White Gloves; and Four Electric Ghosts (KJ Mohr). 2003-2005, Mendi+Keith Obadike, USA, 75 min, computer projection.