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The Sharpest Point

Posted by | Conversations at the Edge | Posted on | March 2, 2006

Thursday, March 2, 2006, 6pm | Curators Chris Gehman and Steve Reinke in person!

Jude Norris, Red Buffalo Skydive (2001). Image courtesy of VTape.
Jude Norris, Red Buffalo Skydive (2001). Image courtesy of Vtape.

In celebration of the publication of SAIC faculty member Steve Reinke and Chris Gehman’s recent animation anthology, The Sharpest Point, tonight’s program spans the entirety of animation history, tracing subterranean cinematic currents peculiar to the form. Curated by Reinke and Gehman, the works range from Emile Cohl’s pioneering Fantasmagorie (1908) and the mind-boggling jazz age surrealism of the Fleischers’ Snow-White (1933) to classic and contemporary works of cameraless abstraction and recent videos created for gallery exhibition. Also screening: Free Radicals (1959, Len Lye); Element of Light (2004, Richard Reeves); Zuse Strip (2003, Caspar Stracke); A Feather Stare At the Dark (2002, Tsuji Naoyuki); The Quick and the Dead (2004, Stephen Andrews); Japanese Kitchen: Three Stories (2000, Tabaimo); Great Emarican Music (2005, Aaron Ray); Red Buffalo Skydive (2001, Jude Norris). There will be a book signing in the Film Center’s café/gallery before and after the screening. 1908-2005, various directors, Canada/France/Japan/UK/USA, ca. 70 min, various formats.