Marisa Choate’s art is for everyone, her work focuses on creating art that anyone can enjoy by allowing viewers to participate and touch her work.  Marisa received a B.A. in Art: Drawing & Painting and Women’s Studies and Gender Studies from Loyola University Chicago. A Post-Baccalaureate in Fashion, Body, and Garment from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago..  Marisa’s education helps to inform her work focusing on disability and the community.

1000 Voices

1000 Voices is a collection of 1000 personal stories about disability embodied and told through the eyes, hands, and voice of the artist.

Marisa Choate has collected personal stories that involve disabilities from both people with and without disabilities.  She believes that everyone has a story to share.  Her goal is to tell 1000 stories. Marisa has translated the stories she has collected into braille and glue on white paper. She invites the public to touch the woven paper stories to discover the narratives. Marisa believes disability needs to be talked about and to have a voice in art. In general the art world ignores the disabled. Marisa wants to change that. Her work specifically embraces and allows disabled individuals to participate in the work.

Photography by Grace DuVal