Award winning designer and artist, Sanel Muslimovic’s work focuses on designing spaces that improve people’s lives. Whether for an hour at a public space, or ten hours at one’s residence, he believes that properly designed and built  architecture must improve people’s lives.

Agrarian Lifestyle for the Urban Dweller

“A new form of architecture that provides fresh organic food to dense urban areas.”

In the United States, 200 acres of farmland are lost to urban sprawl every minute. Fresh food is moving further away from ever-expanding urban areas as a direct consequence. On average, vegetables travel for 13 days farm to table, losing large amounts of health benefits in the process. Furthermore, the process of transportation contributes to global warming. A new form of architecture must be introduced into the centralized city, such as Chicago. It must provide fresh and organic food for both the occupants, and the neighborhood. Furthermore, it must play a role in reversing the trend of farmland loss to urban sprawl.

©Sanel Muslimovic