Born and raised in China, Xuexue has a background in fashion design. For a long time, fashion and art have been  the term that summarized  her ultimate goal in life. Xue Xue buried herself in the process of reaching within her real self, the one she presents to the world as well as one she gradually found within herself. It all starts with a question. Do we actually exist?

Do we actually exist?

“What we see right now are all illusions.”


After I read a paper in Scientific American, I doubted if we actually exist. Scientists did a lot of experiments that proves everything is empty. We are all made up by atoms. But 90% of an atom is empty. We are all illusions. This world is an illusion, a dream that we made up. The transparent fabrics in this piece are a medium that expresses an uncertain, mysterious and delicate feeling. Shearings and recycled garments evocate a bedroom and home-life atmosphere.  The combination of materials helps to build a half-awake dream.