Zewen Li is a product designer with experience in industrial design, design research and interaction design. Zewen’s work combines playful, anthropological and technological approaches. His work redefines the relationship between objects, cultures, and social problems, encouraging users to both question and appreciate their cultures and traditions. By departing from a combination of research and experimentation in traditional practices and methods (such as paper making and calligraphy), he is able to open up new social and formal opportunities in contemporary design. His work has been exhibited in Milan, Wuxi, and Chicago.

Zewen holds a Bachelor of Engineering in industrial design from Jiangnan University, China. His aspiration is to develop contemporary designs that highlight traditional crafts and bring new commercial opportunities to the local community.

From Jingxian

From Jingxian explores how to use design and unearth new opportunities for Xuan paper craftsmanship from Jingxian.Local craft is a reflection of the relationship between people and their environment within their historical, cultural, and social contexts. Traditional crafts, involving practices rooted in local knowledge and accumulated over time, are part of cultural heritage and should be preserved and revitalized. Today, products are similar everywhere in this homogenous global economy. A growing market is looking for unique and original objects. Creative objects generated from local cultures and crafts hold a strong position in this trend and give a platform to differentiate one product from the others.