The original role undertaken by architects is to provide shelter and housing.

What about architecture at the time of death and destruction? While the war itself brings horrors and real world calamities upon individuals like illit- eracy, child labor, early marriage and gender violence, the aftermath continues to destroy individual potential by not providing in place schooling opportunities for those displaced.

Displacement, intended to be for as short a time as possible, often extends to months and even years. It is expected that the proportion of the dis- placed inside Syria, will rise to 8.7 million by the end of 2016.
In these circumstances, children need special treatment/support within speci c customized learning environments that can provide safe spaces and protection from risk, fear, stress, and violence.

Building resilient educational opportunities can bridge the humanitarian and development divide that travel with displaced children. By lling the missing gap of education, children are supported to reach their own potential and enthusiastically contribute to the growth of their society. Focusing on the largest displacement camp at the border of Turkey and Syria, Educating for Displaced Populations works to ameliorate the misera- ble conditions of children and adults who skipped school and job transitioning and lost their rights of learning.

“Syrian refugee camp, located at the border of Syria and Turky” is the case study for placing resilient learning centers and recreational, communal facilities. The 825 acres’ camp contains approximately 6000 tents that shelter over 24,000 people. 45% are children’s, 20% under age of school, and 40% the age of preschoolers to teenagers, which means about 7,000 students.

Educationally there are four categories:
– Age ( 3-5) : 1,200 child about 18%
– Age (6-13) : 3,200 child about 45%
– Teenagers (13-18): 1,400 child about 22%
– Adults apoxematly 1,000 person about 15% need (Language and job skills)

In addition to the basic education, the students need health care and psychiatric care. Educating for displaced populations
– Prebuilt and shipped to the site.
– Building on site using temporary structure and local materials.
The moveable school structure easily can be tted to aircraft and can be carried by trucks and helicopter.

By Derar Alchikh Ibrahim