Hi there! I am a systems designer and researcher currently based in Chicago. I love designing human centric systems and objects for present and future scenarios. These designs act like pivots which significantly disrupt the status quo, in order to reach a much more desirable future. When I am not designing these systems, you will find me experimenting with and hacking things around me. This helps me constantly learn, evolve, solve, and create.

Artist Statement

‘Nava Saṃhitā’ (The new compendium) is an experiment into using alternate timelines to drive scientific research. My project specifically is about reviving the ancient Indian system of health, ‘Ayurveda’, which was largely suppressed during different colonial rules which the Indian subcontinent went through. I am creating a metaphorical punching bag of alternate histories, which explore how health would have progressed in an uncolonized Indian subcontinent, while staying true to the literary theories which this science is based upon. This project will be presented to researchers and health practitioners in India, in order to give them points to falsify, thus driving innovation into Ayurveda.
My work has led me to create a set of guidelines- steps which I took to revive a lost indigenous science, which I hope will help others who may be interested in doing so for their own own cultures.

Work in progress .
Presentation to researchers .