I am a Chicago based free lance artist, specializing in murals. You can see two of my public pieces at both UMAI Japanese restaurant locations.
As much as I love to make things that are pretty, I also like to keep a consistent theme of holistic health in correlation with happiness in my personal practice. Obviousness is another one of my favorite topics as most people feel the obvious is beneath them and so they tend to overlook it completely. We take ibuprofen when we get a headache, when in reality we do not have an ibuprofen deficiency. Its more likely that we’re dehydrated or low on sleep since today’s American theme is to work hard, play little and ignore all personal needs.

I think we all know exactly what we need to do to be happy. It’s the doing that is difficult.

Make time for your health.

UMAI Japanese Restaurant. 1217 w Fullerton
Whimsical tree nursery
Calming birch bedroom
Forest Nursery
Where the Wild Things Are Recreation Nursery Mural