I am primarily interested in cinema as a medium of experience, as it allows for the alluding pursuit of an ineffable, deep “truth” dwelling within experience as-lived. Cinema is impeccably promising with its attunement to human perception, so I aim for my work to harbor such attunement while operating within the tradition of narrative form. So far, stories, fables, and myths have proven to be as intuitive as experience itself, themselves expressions of such experience which can become impressions upon the future experiences and expressions of others. One time, I was pressed to answer why I make films, and my gut-response was “to make people feel alive”. I think that answer is roughly as true as it gets.

Survivor Type, February 2017, cinema
The Peach Field, November, 2016, cinema
Tutto, September 2016, stop-motion animation
ASH, April 2017, cinema
Mouth & Tail, July 2017, cinema
Tilt, April 2017, cinema
Searing Clamor, March 2017, cinema
World, August 2017, cinema