Storytelling and narrative is an immense interest of mine, whether it is through my animation work, comic books, or installations. Through my work, I try to create immersive environments filled with color and darkness through animated stories or sculptural tech. Having the horror genre as a favorite, it’s never really been my intention to create fear, but rather start a conversation on how we can learn from it, and create an experience on how to deal with fear rather than shy away from it. Reactions from fantastical fears that are developed when we are young create memories that I delve into as an artist in bursts of an ambient and immersive world.

Urchin Boy, 2015, Installation
Raymond, 2017, Installation
Fish Tails, 2015, Puppet Animation
In Another World, 2016, Watercolor Painting
Drink Away Your Sins, 2017, Comic
Demo Reel, 2016, Animation
Fly Away, 2017, Storyboarding
Hannah's Nightmare, 2016, Drawn Animation
Fish Tail, 2016, Puppet Animation
Hannah Tests, 2017, Drawn Animation