Sarah-Michael Batey is an animation artist working towards her BFA at SAIC. She specializes in 2D animation, drawing digitally each individual frame. Her work is heavily comprised of animals, with a focus on uncommonly known mythological creatures, which consist of multiple animals in one. Her latest film, Star Anomaly, starring Kep n Opes, is scheduled to screen at the Gene Siskel’s Animation Festival in May 2018. It will feature mythological characters that she has developed over the course of years that will be dancing and partying to an original song.

3-Hour Challenge, April 6th 2015, pencil
Kinetic Text, October 6th 2016, digital motion graphics
Rasolia Cover, Jan 17th 2018, digital
Ashtla, Jan 17th 2018, digital
Livian, Dec 29th 2018, digital
Kepler, Jan 17th 2018, digital
Gay Noodles, March 2 2018, digital