I was in love with language which conceals the world
I was in love with words, the vanity of which reveals myself
You were running your glance along the yellow gesture
of a Kandinsky painting on June 22, carefully
You were tracing the forced angles of a Gris
with your body tucked in the didactic
I was translating words into other words,
searching for your architecture
It was gone

"Pulled". Digital Image. 2702x3461 pixels. 2016.
"Suffocating in Green". Digital Image. 12532x12317 pixels. 2015.
"Trending Tendency to Exist". Digital Image. 3483x3752. 2016.
"Life is Short, Trash is Long". Digital Image. 3509x2226 pixels. 2016.
"Eve". Digital Image. 3250x2832 pixels. 2015.