I grew up seeing bits of the world as an army brat. In Germany and Texas I connected with nature very young. Moving to Chicago and understanding the big city came harder in my formative years. I struggled to communicate with my peers but found poetry, writing, and arts invigorating. After joining a small youth group out of a mall, various choirs, and Kuumba Lynx through high school I went to Columbia College Chicago where I received my Bachelor’s in Poetry and later attended SAIC for a Master’s in Studio Art. Through my art practice I have understood further my own mind and purpose. I often throw ideas into the darker places of my mind and wait for that void to speak back to me. This space, I’m sure, is one that allows me to speak with the ancestral realm.

Artist Statement

Formally trained in Poetry, every piece that I create is a poem even when paint and canvas are involved. I create to give voice to the wayward and to place their importance within the gaze of the museum.