This site is a place to research and learn more about media resources at SAIC. Find out what media equipment, editing suites, labs, spaces or studios, are available and how to get access to them. Review resources to determine what suits your needs, determine who owns and controls access, and where equipment is located on campus. Some manuals and training materials are included to get you started. (Please note that information on these pages is subject to change at any time without advanced notice).


If equipment is General Access you can reserve them immediately through Patron Portal, but some resources require Certification or Authorization. See below: 


General Access

Available to any student, faculty or staff at SAIC/AIC.


Certification Required

Any student, faculty or staff must complete a certification course on the Media Center’s Canvas page to get access. 


Authorization Required

Departments give students access to this pool of equipment based on their enrollment in specific classes. Contact the department for details.

Quick Links: 


Patron Portal

Media Centers

ATS (Art & Technology Studies)

FVNMA (Film, Video, New Media & Animation)