The tangible, physical world of form has been thoroughly explored, as has the musical world of sound and composition. I seek to bridge the two with pieces that use sonic media a way of representing concrete identity and information. I am exploring the relationship between the commodification of our modern identities in age where we are routinely described by numbers (genetic markers, credit scores, Social Security, weight, BMI, IQ, license, tax bracket, ect…) with what most of us would consider our most unique, personal – and thus vulnerable – characteristic, our voice. This sonic-portrait of my Mother was made using her recorded final words. I carefully mapped the frequencies of her voice to present a portrait both representational and utterly abstract at the same time. This portrait sings for the viewer my Mother’s identity for as long as they care to stay, and for me it will sing without end.

Quartet, 2014, Tonewood: Spruce, Maple, Ebony
Artifacts, 2014, Pewter, Hydrocal, Rosin
10 Days, 2014, Tin Cans, silicone, Electronics - 45min Sound Sculpture
I'm Not Your Friend, 2013, Installation: Polyurethane, Light, Cotton, Fan, Continuous Loop Audio
Corpus, 2014, Solid Pewter (interior casting, violin-as-mold)