J4Kd – [jakt] adj. 1) Very stimulated or excited, as from stimulants or other drugs. 2) Broken or ruined, not working properly or as intended, cut or lacerated by means of a makeshift knife or blade, in generally poor or injured condition. 3) Stolen in a violent fashion. 4) Well muscled, iron-bound, pumped. 5) Improper. 6) Increased, raised, accelerated. 7) Designed for the insertion of a plug.

Virtual Office, 2015, digital image
#g3tj4kd, 2014, inkjet print on vinyl, 42" x 66"
Barack, 2015, inkjet print on glass, 11" x 11"
Prey, 2015, inkjet print on acrylic, 24" x 36"
GhostStream.360, digital video, edition of 5, Duration: 5:35
J4Kd3D, digital video, Duration: 4:31