My work draws from a fascination with the proliferation of statistics in contemporary society, and our preoccupation with them. We draw comfort from statistics, as though quantifying everything can provide answers, can help us improve our lives, even make us better people. As a lens through which to further examine our complex relationship with statistics, I developed a taxonomical system for creating visual representations of stats from my fantasy football teams. These works are presented using combination of natural history museum and sport memorabilia display methods; the collection of a person attempting to understand the world through fantasy football statistics. The glorification and fetishization of these statistical representations show the absurdity of defining one’s life by statistics.

Top Individual Performances 2014 Season, 2015, baseball display cases, model magic
2014 Season MVPs, 2015, baseball stands, model magic
SAIC Smokin' Jays- Week 12 Matchup, 2015, jersey display box, model magic, felt
6 Wing Mild Sauce- Week 11 Matchup, 2015, xylene transfer and hand embroidery
Best Team Performance 2014 Season, football display case, model magic