There is latent potential at the core of every moment of transformation.  My work looks at the instability of meaning in objects and situations, particularly those that allow for the generative misreading. I use pure forms that allow material – whether rubber, bamboo, unglazed porcelain, steel, or sugar – to speak loudest to generate an affect.

In my process the pendulum must always swing between a research-based approach and a more intuitive material-driven way of working.  In the studio I make many physical models, which exist to me as thought models or sketches for a range of possibilities.   My projects combine disparate material lineages and production processes to question my own value judgments on labor, craft, and time.

These works exist as propositions for possibility, embracing their own unstable meaning in the world to communicate the latent potential in moments of transformation.

The almost seen (installation view), 2014, latex and steel
The almost seen (detail), 2014, latex and steel
Heavenly bodies, 2015, iron and sugar
Glyphs, 2014, wooden offcuts
Bias light, 2014, wood and LEDs