Jeff Prokash was born and raised in Wisconsin. He received his BFA in Art and Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008. He relocated to Chicago and cofounded The Milk Factory Gallery(2010-2013). Jeff Prokash is a John W. Kurtich Scholar. In 2014 he attended a residency in Taiyuan, China where he produced a public sculpture for the government of the Shanxi Provence.

As a collector of material based information, Jeff Prokash draws upon the conventions of preservation, appropriation and the historical archive to produce object based interventions that raise questions about accessibility, ownership and connectivity between dispersant cultural phenomena. Through a reconsidered relationship with materiality he introduces the freedom of reinterpretation in order to suggest new relationships between the subject and the staging of the built environment.

Prentice Windows, 2014,Tinted Glass, Aluminum, Steel (Windows From Prentice Women's Hospital 1975-2012, Architect Bertrand Goldberg)
Wall, 2013, Cinderblocks, Landscaping Timbers, Steel
Intermediary Objects, 2013, Cinderblocks, landscaping timbers, steel, poplar, dyed cotton, sand, river pebbles, glass, concrete, graphite on paper, inject print, granite rocks
Untitled, 2014, Cinder Blocks, Latex Paint, Wood, Silicone Caulk (Kathryn Andrews-Friends and Lovers from Teen Paranormal Romance at the Renaissance Society Chicago,IL March 9, 2014-April 2014, Philip Lumbang-Bear Graffiti, ongoing Los Angeles, CA); Archival inkjet prints on photo rag paper, poplar, white lacquer, hardboard, archival foamboard; Upholstery Foam; Glazed Terra Cotta(Two blocks from the Central Building and Preservation archive of surplus modules from the restoration project at 188 W. Randolph St. Chicago, IL)
Stasi Files(detail), 2014, Archival inkjet prints on photo rag paper, poplar, white lacquer, hardboard, archival foamboard