I am a practicing artist and graphic designer from Beijing, China and currently living in Chicago. My practice ranges across video art, photography, graphic design and artist books. I am intrigued by the dynamics and interplay of the built and natural environment; the mundane details of everyday life, and the relationships of objects within the world around them. With the camera expanding what I see, I attempt to capture another dimension, an enormous internal world to which we all have access. I am celebrating a sense of spectatorship and acknowledging the importance of the gaze, the desiring eye that is at the center of both our outer and inner reality, most visible at the moment where the representational turns into abstraction. My work aims both to suggest what that state of mind would be, and to serve as a device to stimulate my viewers into that state of mind.

The Pillow, 2013, digital photography
Empty Love, 2012, traditonal photography
Corruption of the Modern Snow White, 2012, digital photography
The Tree, 2014, 3D animation
Poster, 2012, Inkjet on paper
SHIFT, 2013, digital video
Formation #1, 2014, digital video
REFLECTION, 2014, digital video
COMMAND, 2013, digital video
Ritual, 2013, digital video