Investigating themes of memory, domesticity, attention, and anxiety, my work integrates photography and language to document everyday tensions in marital life and cross-cultural encounters. I shoot, shift, write, record, capture, and caption the mundane. Working in the space between photography, literature and time-based video, much of my work combines visual imagery and text, reworking them into a new poetics. The imagery is often drawn from everyday, domestic scenes in which fears, anxieties or doubt cast a large shadow. Consistently investigating the nature of dreams, mysterious narratives, and personal memories, I combine and layer multiple story fragments to create a poetics that subverts a linear understanding.

Prepare for harsh critique, 2014, pigment print
Robotic reflections, 2014, pigment print
You didn't see, you don't know, 2014, pigment print
Microscopic happenings, 2015, video still
Secret affairs, 2015, video still