Consumption, the abundance of single-use materials, and recyclables are an immense concern of mine. As a designer who enjoys collaging data, I try to present information without overloading the audience.
I have always been inclined to collect; the categorizing, organizing and the discovery of their secret orderliness is what drives me. My practice is informed by my meticulous, methodical, obsessive approach to my work. Lately, it has focused on mundane materials such as junk mail; in attempting to cancel subscriptions, I focused on my #1 junk mailer: AARP. This project takes the form of a lab. I’ve designed my own lab notebook to document my practice, collaged AARP words in petri-dishes, taken photos of AARP ads and transferred them to small slides to look through a microscope. The material has called my attention to time, its passing, and its structure.

Expiration Lab Table
Expiration Lab Petri-Dish Mock Up
Expiration Lab Documentation Notebook