My practice at its most fundamental is concerned with spaces, systems, and structures. Metabolism is a unifying theory of ecology and economy, describing the movement of materials and energy through a system. Recent projects have explored sites of resource extraction, the energy infrastructure, and post-industrial urban space. These investigations have materialized in objects, installations, photographs, and texts. I balance a practice in which theory and research, actions and aesthetics, speculation and proposition are given equal attention and are mutually dependent. It is though a process of learning by doing-making-thinking that new relationships, possibilities, and questions arise.

Central questions of recent investigation have been: What are the historical and philosophical assumptions that have created the conditions for planetary scale ecological crises? How can these assumed certainties be destabilized in order to re-contextualize contemporary environmental thought and artistic production?

I remain optimistic and ask, what can climate change?

Incursion Site (bigham canyon)
Channel Survey, Survey Channel
Field \ Pile \ Stack
Line 61 (detail)
Line 61 (detail)