My work involves experimental intervention within collections, both institutional and informal. Through various media and methods, I explore physical manifestations of digital analyses.
Recent collection experiments have included: The Art Institute of Chicago’s (AIC’s) Monet collection, The AIC’s chair collection, a local thrift store’s chair collection, stickers on a street window, the Calvin and Hobbes series by Bill Watterson, Lego’s manuals from the 1970’s, endangered bird stamps, hippo mouths, a late friend’s lingering Facebook data, a person’s search history, and the colors worn by present gallery visitors.
My methods, as well as my fundamental themes of working “for” or “about” subjects outside myself, are inspired by my work as a designer, and the blurred lines between clients, collaborators, and friends. As a design media artist, I blend play and work with elements of absurdist humor, and erraticism.

living roomses
augmented couples @ the Art Institute of Chicago
LEGO Deconstruction instructions
the view from the inside of a cheese grater on the outside of a cheese grater