Thomas Huston was born in Oak Ridge, TN in 1991. He received his BA in Studio Art and Art History at Oberlin College in 2013. He currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. His father is a scientist and his mother is a priest.

On Tuesday, X crosses a deserted road and loses nine copper coins, 2015, graphite on paper in artist frame
Blankets [State One], 2015, six Standard Moving Blankets, dimensions variable
WORK(ING) MATERIAL LIST (14), 2015, pen on paper, 4x6"
Recurrance*, 2014-15, two drawings, 8.5x11" each *One evening last fall, while I was out going to openings–or maybe bars– I was approached on the street by a stranger who handed me a drawing. He had been drawing me from a distance while I stood outside talking with friends. The drawing was nice, but unremarkable. I held on to it for the time being, and probably would have forgotten it or thrown it out. A couple of hours later, and maybe a few drinks deeper, I was outside again. As I stood loitering on the sidewalk, again a man walked up to me and handed me a drawing he had just made of me.