I believe I’m a romantic

I’m interested in shopping as an artistic practice. What I like about the things I buy is their attitude. By adding more and more layers, I distort further what is already distorted. If the world is twisted at times, why not view it with a little bit of humor? I’m able to make jokes without smiling.

I choose images from mass culture to talk about politics, art, painting, cultural issues, taste, the material world, pleasure, power, sexuality, gender and the role of the artist’s external life in the larger culture, never being subtle. I guess I just make it more explicit. Remember: too much sugar could take off your legs.

But I prefer toys.

Devórame Otra Vez, 2015, Mixed Media
Object #3, 2014, Inject Print on Paper, 30x40
Pieza para piso, 2016, Mixed Media
Welcome, 2015, Mixed Media
Point of no Return, 2015, Mixed Media