“Quite recently, there was an article in the New York Times on Lorraine Hansberry and a play downtown off-Broadway called To Be Young Gifted and Black, produced by her. And there was a picture of her there […] Photography, as you know, has its own way of communicating, just as all mediums do. And all I can tell you is that this picture caught a hold of me. And in her eyes–this will sound very strange, but not to people who are really hip–she kept trying to tell me something. […] Inspiration is a very strange thing, sometimes it just happens, like a light–and I remember getting a feeling in my body, and I said, that’s it, to be young gifted and black, that’s all. And I sat down at the piano at that moment, and I made up a tune.” -Nina Simone

Leaf on sidewalk. August, 2015. iPhone Photo.
Leaf on sidewalk. February, 2016. Photo, etched on glass.
Police flashlights. March, 2016. Sculptural object.
Black in America. March, 2016. Installation, photography and poetry etched on glass.
"Tell Collection." March, 2016. Poem.