Luis Rodríguez Rosario is a Puerto Rican artist, currently pursuing his MFA in Sculpture from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Image and Design with a minor in Sculpture from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico. Luis Rodriguez has participated in several exhibitions of the EAP and several alternative spaces and institutions within Puerto Rico; such as the Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española, Museo Casa Blanca, La Productora, 20/20 and Área: Lugar de Proyectos. In 2013, he presented his first solo exhibition titled “A fuerza de pulmón” in Área: Lugar de Proyectos as part of his residency with the Proyecto Graderío. His works present forms that constitute a dispute over the visibility or invisibility imposed in our environment; for instance, those caused by the effect of globalization and cross-cultural interaction.

¡Tropicaleo y no! , ¡Tropicaleo y no! consist of an ongoing series of studies / objects that involve the understanding of tropical architecture , tropical motif, color and abstraction through the language of Tropicalism. Wood, concrete,plaster, acrylic paint, cardboard
Rompiendo el suelo al son caribeño, Image from a Fania All Star video, with the intention of capturing the "son" or groove movement that is express through salsa music. Viewing it as a "hyper visible" element that has transcended the limits of the Caribbean. Installation- Offset print, graphite / Inkjet print mounted on plaster. 2015
Estructuras sin el caribe. 1. De cuero a textura (From leather to texture) / Drum head, plasticen. 2015 2. Agua contenida ( Contained Water)/Plastic bag, rubber band, drum, water. 2015 3. Losas obtiene otro plano ( Tiles get another plane. Inkjet print folded. 2015
Mirando la arena sobre el mar, Inkjet print mounted on plaster. 2015
Se construye con losa criolla, These tiles were once part of an imposition from the Imperial powers that ruled over Latin America, but now are elements that portray cultural identity as a motif of colonial architecture. Inkjet print mounted on plaster. 2015 8 in x 8 in (each)