Yinjie Deng studied interior and furniture design in her undergraduate degree in China and now is pursuing her master’s degree in The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in the master of fine arts in studio program with a concentration on interior architecture.


Yinjie focuses on design, installation and photography. And by combining eastern and western culture together, Yinjie aims to find new ways of space design and also bring traditional Chinese architecture into contemporary form.


Her current projects are focusing on human spatial experience. Inspired by Chinese traditional garden, Yinjie is trying to use different materials like rice paper, wire and video projection to create an interior garden.

Bloosom,2015, Digital Photography
Langfang traditional Chinese furniture museum, 2013, Interior design
What's the best environment for living? (Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture), 2016, Mixed Media
Sensory Garden, 2016, Mixed Media
Sensory Garden, 2016, Mixed Media