As a multilingual artist and writer my practice navigates permeable spaces between familiar and foreign fabrications: aphorisms of public mistrust and centrifugal forces, of fragmentation and ontological integrity, of ‘actuality’ and the figment of translation. Currently, I explore these themes through the intersection of parafiction and handcrafted sculptural bodies of slumped and blown glass.

A practice that complicates transparency invites new voices to hint at their presence, new surfaces to unwind and provoke. Reimagined forms of the transparent offer up previously unseen visions, ways and histories; implicate transforming latent spaces of the material world and esoteric manifestations in the immaterial and literary. They embody strains of revolution and transmutation that underlie all myth, alchemy, science, as they speak of original orders and systems not yet classified.

Like the light sound, 2015-16. Slumped glass, hair, epoxy. Variable dimensions (all pieces are 31inch tall)
Like the light sound—detail of hair laced through pierced surface, 2015-16. Slumped glass, hair, epoxy
To whom it may concern, 2015. Kidskin parchment and silk thread
Inflection(s), 2015. Blown glass
Untitled (work in progress), 2016. Blown scientific glass, ramin and glass tables