Li Han is a second year graduate student majoring in Visual Communication Design. His specialties are typography and book design as well as paper sculpture since paper engineering and manipulating have so much potential on music, geometry, algebra, physics, etc. The correlation is extremely fascinating and amazing, which embraces endless possibilities. Meanwhile, he was majoring in fiber art during his undergraduate study, which makes him proficient in tapestry.

He believes in “Less is More.” and “God is in Details.” by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He thinks that simplicity has the strongest power and leaves the most stunning impression. Therefore, he is always engaging in polishing his work in order to make them precise and delicate without any redundancy.

To Piet Mondrian, 05/2014, Tapestry
Thou Speakest Not, 12/2012, Tapestry
Envisioning Information, 12/2016, Poster
Typography, 04/2016, Poster
Paper Manipulation and Experimentation, 03/2017, Paper Sculptures