Born in New York from an encounter between an egg and a sperm from Tainan and Lukang, planted in Orange County, grown in Berkeley, temporarily uprooted to Marquette and then San Luis Obispo, now being in Chicago.

Jennifer Humble Forgiveness Huang is an artist whose works illustrate a desire to slow time, to express an appreciation for the things that are often overlooked. Tactile ceramic and fiber-based sculptures are installed with an array of ordinary mementos.

Her object arrangements sit parallel to her writing practice. She is drawn to the tone and cadence of a string of words. Like each object shaped or collected by her hands, each syllable can be felt — its vibrations oscillating within the inner ear. Huang writes of her own experience, her encounter with objects and her making of them. A private gesture made public, her writing chronicles and catalogs insignificant moments of incredible feeling.

goo goo gallery, 2016, mohair jacquard weavings, flax, cotton, and abaca handmade paper, ceramics, soap, handwoven hair, cotton, and wool weavings, wood, styrofoam, balloons, moss, porcelain cast batteries and clown noses, sea urchin, pipe cleaners, and abandoned residue and scratches on the floor
goo goo too, 2017, birch wood, sand, ceramics, sand dollars, foam, porcelain slip cast flower, graphite and charcoal on mylar, embossed paper, handmade cotton and abaca paper with cotton and wool thread
rice dream, 2016, crocheted mohair, wood, metal rod, broken brick, and mohair and cotton jacquard weaving
soft putter, 2017, sea urchin, clear push pin, birch rod and panel, porcelain cast knitting needle, ceramic pot, lambs ear succulent, and dirt
studio view of scroll with me, 2016, flax, cotton, and abaca handmade paper, moss, ceramics, soap, hair, cotton, plastic, and wool weavings, wood, moss, porcelain cast knitting needles and hand crochet net, sea urchin, graphite on paper and abandoned residue and scratches on the floor