For years I have been fascinated by the material cycles and environmental forces that give shape to our planet. Born to a family of scientists, my dad would often describe to me the complex systems that configure our world while we sailed and collected fossils along the Atlantic coast of Spain. Learning how to observe and understand my relation to these transformation cycles has evolved into an ongoing research concerning geological time, new materialism, climate breakdown and anthropogenic processes of material configuration.

Stones that murmur memories. Displaced glacial ice. Scars in geological time from mining extraction. Glaciers covered in thermal blankets. Geopoetic cartography. The ocean inside a box.

Through collecting, manipulating, repurposing and recontextualizing, I create sculptural objects, performance, video installation and systems of representation. Through these interactions, I intend to raise questions, reveal social constructions, expand our understanding and modify our relationship to the Earth Organism.

Scars our cities leave on Earth, 2016, Hydrostone, Replicas of broken roads
For as long as possible, 2017, Steel rod and lightproof blankets
Ways of Understanding, 2015, Installation / system of representation, Variable measurements
Walk like a glacier, Alaska, 2016, Performance, photographs, video, essay-book
Cartographies of an expedition, 2016-17, Map mounted on steel plate, rock, hydrostone, Series of cartographical artifacts and graphite drawings