Jin Zhang is a Chicago-based visual & sound artist & multidisciplinary motiongraphic designer born in Beijing, China, 1992.

Artist Statement
I love mythology and ritual. I always believe that everything in the natural world has a spirit. Especially while I was cooking, all the okras suddenly started making a weird sound, as if they were yelling in the boiling water. What happened to those okras? What should I think about that? Well, I think in order to make up my mind, I need to know how I feel about things; to know my feelings about things, I need the public images of sentiment that I believe only mythology, ritual and art could provide. As an artist, what I am doing is trying to challenge and change people’s existing perceptions and understandings toward things and push them to rethink their own existence and relationship with the natural/spiritual world.

Grow, October 2016, Projection mapping, Animation, Installation
Lucy, November 2016, Projection mapping, Animation, Installation
Transcendence-1, March 2017, 3D animation, Projected video, Installation
The Cupid, November 2016, Max&MSP, Interactive 3D Animation, Sound