I want to lick you. I want to peel you. My work stimulates a sensory experience. Intense details generate visual pleasure. Delicacy. Holes. Small offerings and the possibility of noticing or not noticing. You might or might not see. I respond to sites (floors, bodies). I have an urgency to animate the nocturnal side of things (behind the ears, the back of a fern’s leaf). These liminal places are proliferating, sprinkled with shiny spores. Wearable sugar balls. Fantasy accessories which draw the attention to the boundary between the inside and outside, between back and front. Above and underneath. The operations (hiding, revealing, and choreographing) to which I subject things invite awareness, suspicion and sharpness of the senses. Biology informs my practice and creeps into the sphere of the sculptural as an unpredicted logic. My work incorporates processes of decadence, of reproduction, of mimicry, and of symbiosis.

Cristina&Ginevra, 2017, Performance, Sugar Balls
Odessa, 2016, Performance, Sugar Balls
Untitled (Underneath), 2016, Sugar balls, white paint on plastic skin 6 feet diameter
Sweet Sweat (detail), 2015. Work in​ ​collaboration with Francesca Ulivi (ph. Daniele Cavadini)
video in collaboration with Eva Maria Lourdes, 2016