As I traverse a sublime-like sea of information, the horizon line ever looms in the distance while the place of my departure dissipates and yet still haunts my now current self.

Above. Below. Here. There. Air. c l o u d s. Condensed water vapor provides life for the earth and yet the interconnecting iCloud servers suck the earth dry, requiring moisture to stay cool. Meeting our needs. Needs? I don’t think Maslow included this in his pyramid.
The sky, the earth and what lies in between? Us. Anthropocene.

I am in between but I wander.
Plants and roots; when plucked up, dies.

A mobile creature,
I seek a Homeric epic to find my way back home, to my roots, from whence I came and whence I seek a return.

Where are you from?
I am from my locality, from my experiences, I am from my community and my context.

C of Information_C is for cookie, 2016, Desktop Performance
Compilation, 2015, Desktop Performance
It sure is iCloudy out, 2016, Desktop Performance
Wormhole, 2016, Desktop Performance