Our relationship to culture is mediated by images. Media is the vehicle through which we have been trained to understand not only the world, but also ourselves. We are unable to separate our existence from the culture in which we live.

It is often said that we are products of our culture (environment), but what we neglect to remember is that we are also, in fact, the ones producing our culture.

My work is meant to investigate this multiplicity of awareness. How do we function when faced, even temporarily, with an environment that questions the nature of images? By creating spaces that contain a mixture of unrecognizable and obscured imagery, I aim to make the viewer search for meaning longer. In using the combination of bright colors and high contrast images, I want to cause a sense of uncertainty, a feeling of unease, and the need for static.

Mixed Signals, 2017
Op Noir, 2016
The Domino Effect, 2015
CMYK, 2014
Target Audience, 2013