My artistic practice is related to the interactions between people, objects and space. I use my body as a vehicle to test the physical world and either to strengthen or to subvert the “common sense”. By deconstructing all kinds of objective existence, I try to activate the hidden sensors, break the inertial thoughts and question phenomena in this era. Most of my pieces are time-based projects. Within a long period of time, I observe all kinds of seemingly normal phenomena, discover the potential problem under the surface and try to solve the problem in an artistic way. Unlike being aggressive or didactic, I use a playful attitude to embody these phenomena and finally present them in an almost absurd form, Humour allows me to have a gentle communication with people and transfer complicated issue to something that can be easily understood.

No Play, 2017, screenshots
Walking Touch, 2016, screenshots
Active Intervention, 2016/2017, screenshots
5am, 2016, screenshots
Wipe, 2017, screenshots
No Play, 2017, video
Walking Touch, 2016, video
Active Intervention, 2016/2017, video
5am, 2016, video
Wipe, 2017, video