Cecilia Beaven is a Mexican artist currently based in Chicago. Beaven is interested in mythology and ethnography as mutating narratives through which we approach reality. She works in painting, drawing, animation and film, with a particular fascination for big scale projects. Her artwork has been shown in group exhibitions and art fairs internationally. She has done murals in several cities, including a commissioned mural on the border wall between Mexico and the US in Tijuana. Beaven has had solo shows in Mexico City, Houston and Chicago.

Artist Statement

Cecilia Beaven reflects the ludic development of a personal mythology. Beaven’s work extends beyond the two dimensions of the canvas and transforms the pictorial into the cinematic and scenographic. Beaven draws on her life in Mexico City and her mythological, ethnographic and introspective explorations to create a personal narrative. Intriguing mythical creatures and landscapes stage a monstrous, fragile and introspective setting, making us aware of the fictional nature of the artist’s world.

Views from the show "Two-Headed Turtle" Cecilia Beaven's first solo show in Chicago, held at SITE Galleries on January, 2019.
Mask Paper mache, wood cuts and spray paint, 2019
Two-Headed Turtle Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 72" x 60", 2018
Blue Self-Portrait Acrylic on canvas, 8' x 6', 2017.
Cielo de Noche 5.5' x 8'