Artist Statement

There’s no sophisticated way to eat a blueberry. It rolls off a spoon, smushes under fork and knife. Unsatisfying to eat one by one, you must rush a delicate puzzle of blueberries between your fingertips to the lips, or kiss a scoop that sits in your palm. My work stems from such interactions.

I mostly work with clay because the medium’s association with function is important to me. While people often think of the functional as mundane, I feel habitually used objects are invisible but essential. They become items of nostalgia, rich with experiences realized as memories in retrospect. The medium also inherently embraces duality: Ceramic blades are strong—they can be stronger than steel—but they are fragile. This innate feature exemplifies a blurriness integral to how I see the world.

I am interested in exploring dualities and contradictions. I believe vanity and insecurity are two extremes of a spectrum that wrap around and meet at the very ends of the earth.Overall, my work is about exploring crevices of nuance.