Play, exploration, reexamination and abstraction are the core concepts that inform my work’s production and aesthetic. I take an existing idea or trope within the art historical cannon and turn it on its head, rework it in materials that are undervalued, or abstract the idea to create a layered visual and visceral experience.

Ode to Joan Mitchell; 2015; 38" x 48"; Canvas, paint
Kimono; 2015; 38" x 48"; Folded canvas, paint, plastic, tissue paper
Motherwell Bread; 2016; Still image of video of bread rising into the shape of a Robert Motherwell painting
Portrait of Alice B. Toklas; 2015; 4.5' x 7'; Canvas, paint, plastic, manuscript print out of book by Gertrude Stein entitled 'Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas'
After Yvonne Rainer; 2015; 9'x8', 10 minute loop; Canvas, paint, video