My thesis work is about bridges. Bridges, like light, hold a promise: to cross you from one point to the other. As you realize, this both simple and complicated.

The promise that light holds, on the other hand, works on another scale: to keep bouncing forever from surface to surface until nothing is left of it. But can nothing ever remain? As far was we know, that promise is never unbroken.

What promises can we make to one another? How can we keep them? Where can we keep them? Does it matter that we keep them? I have learned to follow through the promises that I have made along with certain objects and materials. But I know very little of the promises we can make to other people, that I can make to you now. So I’d like to learn. This work might be about me trying to learn.

Studio, summer 2015.
Trabajo y Ocio (Work and Leisure), 2016. Multimedia installation.
AFUENTRO Daily, March 14th 2016. Excerpt from short film. HD video, 30 min.
Mystery Hands, 2015. HD video, 2 min