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Bad at Sports on MARK

Read Lauren Vallone’s post on Mike Hoolboom’s film Mark here.

Mike Hoolboom’s MARK

Thursday, October 22, 6pm | Mike Hoolboom in person! Image: Mike Hoolboom, Mark (2009). Image courtesy of the artist. “Society is not first of all a milieu for exchange where the essential would be to circulate or to cause to circulate, but rather a socius of inscription where the essential thing is to mark and […]

Interview with Golan Levin by jonCates (2003)

Following Golan Levin’s September 17 appearance at CATE, we present you with an excerpt of an interview conducted by SAIC Assistant Professor of Film, Video, and New Media, jonCates, in 2003. This interview was done as part of Cates’s Critical Artware project. Double-Taker (Snout), Interactive Robot from Golan Levin on Vimeo. jonCates: Have the histories […]

More Details on Hollis Frampton’s SOLARIUMAGELANI and Book Signing

Images from Frampton’s Solarumagelani. Program Details Summer Solstice (Solariumagelani) (1974, 16mm, color, silent, 32 min.) “…the operations that dislocate a film like Summer Solstice–I hope irreparably–from being a movie about the locomotion and eating habits of cows, a dairy farm document, or what have you, are finally of a whole lot less concern to me […]


Thursday, October 15, 6pm | Frampton scholar Bruce Jenkins in person! Image: Hollis Frampton filming Winter Solstice. Image courtesy of Anthology Film Archives. Filmmaker, photographer, and theorist Hollis Frampton (1936–84) is a major figure in the American avant-garde. Ambitious in scope, his films wittily engage with philosophy, mathematics, and science. CATE presents a rare screening […]

Program details for Book of Mirrors: Films by Joost Rekveld

Still from Joost Rekveld, #11, Marey <-> Moiré (1999). Image courtesy of the artist. Program Details #3 (1994, 16mm, color, silent, 4 min.)) “#3 is a film with pure light, in which the images were created by recording the movements of a tiny light source with extremely long exposures, so that it draws traces on […]


Thursday, October 8, 6pm | Joost Rekveld in person! Image: Joost Rekveld, #37 (2009). Image courtesy of the artist. Joost Rekveld’s films are spectacular treatises on the nature of light. They have screened around the world, including at Sundance, Rotterdam, Media City, and the Dutch Filmmuseum. Inspired by Medieval and Renaissance theories of optics, proto-cinematic […]

WBEZ on Vision in Motion

Listen to Jonathan Miller’s review here.


Thursday, October 1, 2009 and Friday, October 2, 2009 at 6pm Guests in person! Image: László Moholy-Nagy & ID students, Design Workshops (1944). “The illiterates of the future,” the pioneering Hungarian artist and educator László Moholy-Nagy once famously proclaimed, “will be ignorant of the camera and pen alike.” Founded in Chicago in 1937 and modeled […]

Chick Strand: SOFT FICTION

Thursday, September 24, 2009, 6pm Chick Strand, circa 1970. Photo by Neon Park. Celebrated West Coast filmmaker Chick Strand passed away this past summer, leaving behind a body of sensual and smart work significant for its radical exploration of the space between documentary and poetry, truth and fiction, and the politics and pleasure of representation. […]

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