. Conversations at the Edge (CATE)

Golan Levin this Thursday, September 17!

September 17, 2009, 6pm | Golan Levin in person! Golan Levin, Opto-Isolator (2007). Image courtesy of the artist. Whimsical, provocative, and sublime, the work of new media artist Golan Levin explores the possibilities of code, screens, interactivity, and our relationship with machines. Levin creates collaborative digital systems, resulting in performances like Dialtones (A Telesymphony) (2001), […]

CATE Announces Fall 2009 Season

Conversations at the Edge kicks off its fall 2009 season on Thursday, September 17 with a screening and talk by new media artist Golan Levin. Check out the full schedule under Current Season. Golan Levin, Opto-Isolator (2007). Image courtesy of the artist. Additional highlights include appearances by Joost Rekveld (10/8); Mike Hoolboom (10/22); Harry Dodge […]

The Films of Bruce Conner

Thursday, April 16 & Friday, April 17, 6pm | Guests in person! Bruce Conner, A Movie (1958). Image courtesy of the Conner Family Trust. Explosive, elegiac, and ecstatic, the films of Bruce Conner (1933-2008) have had an enormous impact on film and pop culture, echoing through the rhythms of MTV, on-line remixes, and the use […]

Surveying the First Decade: Video Art and Alternative Media in the U.S.

Thursday, April 9, 6pm | Curator Chris Hill in person! People’s Communications Network, Queen Mother Moore Speech at Greenhaven Prison (1973). Image courtesy of the Video Data Bank. In 1995, the Video Data Bank published “Surveying the First Decade,” a massive, 16-hour anthology of nearly 70 titles from artists and media-makerswho defined the first decade […]

A World Rattled of Habit: Films by Ben Rivers (and Karl Kels & Barry Kimm)

Thursday, April 2, 6pm | Ben Rivers in person! Ben Rivers, Astika (2006). Image courtesy of the artist. In the last three years, UK artist and filmmaker Ben Rivers has produced a series of rich, expressive portraits of people living on the wilderness fringes of Europe and the British Isles. Rivers builds a strong bond with […]

The Animated Films of Naoyuki Tsuji

Thursday, March 26, 6pm Naoyuki Tsuji, The Place Where We Were (2008). Image courtesy of the artist. The work of Japanese animator Naoyuki Tsuji hovers between dream and nightmare, fairy tale and psychodrama. Tsuji animates his films with charcoal—drawing, erasing, and redrawing over a single sheet of paper. The erasures remain as ghostly afterimages, creating the […]

Cory Arcangel

Thursday, March 19, 6pm | Cory Arcangel in person! Best known for his Nintendo game cartridge hacks, multi-media trickster Cory Arcangel uses new and vintage computers, sound, performance, and the web to recontextualize popular figures (Super Mario Brothers, Bruce Springsteen, Simon & Garfunkel) and aesthetic systems (the instructional video, adult contemporary music, the “artist talk”) […]

Letters, Notes: Films by David Gatten

Thursday, March 5, 2009, 6pm | David Gatten in person! David Gatten, The Great Art of Knowing (2004). Image courtesy of the artist. “Influenced equally by Stan Brakhage and Ludwig Wittgenstein.”—Ed Halter, Village Voice For more than ten years, filmmaker and SAIC alum David Gatten’s serenely beautiful handmade films have employed experimental techniques—cellophane tape ink […]


Thursday, February 26, 2009, 6pm | Director Amie Siegel in person! DDR/DDR (Amie Siegel, 2008). Image courtesy of the artist. The latest feature by artist, filmmaker, and SAIC alum Amie Siegel (Empathy, 2003) is a multi-layered and disarmingly beautiful essay on the German Democratic Republic and its dissolution, which left many of its former citizens […]

The Dance Camera: Locked & Loaded

Thursday, February 19, 2009, 6pm | Curator Danièle Wilmouth in person! Read the Chicago Reader capsule by Andrea Gronvall here. Miranda Pennell, Tattoo (2001). Image courtesy of the artist. In an effort to dispel the notion that the dance film is largely a decorative and apolitical genre, The Dance Camera: Locked & Loaded is an […]

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