My current research and performance work chases the boundary between fantasy and the real. Recently i’ve been using reenactment to flesh out shifting connections between fantasy, geography and identity and their relation to the construction of home and belonging. This has manifested in re-appropriating the fantastic atmospheres of orientalism as housing for diasporan projections of ‘home’, as well as using reenactments of mediated remains of Princess Diana to propose the reproduced persona as a site of immortality and critical interpersonal connection.

50% Match, 2018, .png file
performance still, auto-eviction #3: Safe Space or All That Is I See, 2018
performance still, auto-eviction #4: Heirlooms or Clearing a Circle From the Dust
performance still, "and here I am," lecture performance, 2019
Tonight on Panorama, The Princess of Wales (single channel 4:3)
auto-eviction #2: Small Victories or Under the Rug (Pt I)