Augmenting conditions of authorship and intimacy, I make work that encompasses the audibility and legibility of trans* media representation in erotic imagery and pornography. Using an interdisciplinary practice through performance, language, video projection, and installations I explore the slippages of intimacy and the objectification of trans* bodies by posing outcomes that evolve from the spectacle. The audibility of my own lived experiences pulls me to encompass contracts on intersections of desire, reflection, and constant excavation of the body as author. I desire to complicate the seductive, confront with the broadcasting of my body, and re-purpose the spectacle to embolden a new authorship through tensions of the representations of self.

Taking Requests, 2018, Performance
A Palimpsest In the Mirror, 2018, Performance
Sonder: Variations, 2018, Performance
Taking Requests, 2018, Performance Collaboration with sair goetz
Sonder: Variations, 2018, Performance
From the Peripheral, 2018, Performance