Chloe Yu Nong Lin is a musician and composer from Taiwan. Lin has been working many interdisciplinary works with Chinese orchestras and dance company in Taiwan. Lin currently engages in solo pipa improvisation and experimental composition. Her current projects also collaborate with the artists and guitarist Kevin McGrath as a music improvisation duo “Lin and McGrath.” In Lin’s music and sounds, she focuses on the relationship between her body movements and her instrument the pipa. Her performances involve music, sounds, silence, extended techniques, movements, light and shadow. Also, in Lin’s compositions, she explores the meanings and expression of words themselves. She also draws on music sheet to reflect her music imaginations.

solo electroacoustic improvisation. Photo credits: Wanbli Gamache
Graphic score of Notation Ensemble (2019)
Score of text score piece: Oops Opus (2018)
Lin and McGrath with violinist Divyamaan Sahoo performing at SAIC Waveforms Fall 2018
Notation Ensemble: Due (2019)
Collaborative project: Lin and McGrath. Live performances at MyOpic Bookstores in 2018
Tuning Process (2018)