It is with kaleidoscopic vision that my work emerges. It is through this lens that I choose to view and question the fragmented vision unfolding around me. This vision dissects the constructs of feminism and alternatively, questions what feminism means in the age of the nasty women. I form each portrait to develop intuitively and offer a simultaneity of scripts: made-up and undone, beauty and imperfection, concealed and revealed, order and chaos, revelation and distortion. I do this by presenting a dichotomy between seduction and repulsion that aims to blur fixed and external representations of the female facade. I am interested in the flaws in these narratives and seek beauty references that misrepresent and complicate conceptions of femininity. I aim to capture moments of confusion and contention: failures in an otherwise unassailable armor we know as the made up face.

Nasty Woman, 2017, oil on canvas
Nasty Woman, 2016, oil on canvas
Untitled (Installation View), 2016, silkscreen, cardboard, acrylic
Mirror, Mirror (Front), 2016, soft sculpture (print on canvas)
Mirror, Mirror (Back), 2016, soft sculpture (print on canvas)