Angeline Marie Michael Meitzler (b. 1992) is an pilipinx artist, writer and software worker based in Brooklyn, currently a candidate Masters student at the Georgia Institute of Technology and School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Performances and exhibitions include: 24-HOUR DRONE, Basilica Hudson, Hudson; Initial Public Offering, Reddit, online (2019); Beyond The Hashtag: Failures and Becomings, HTMlles Festival, Montreal (2018). She is a member of Soft Surplus, one third of istorya-istorya and a previous research associate for Pioneer Works Tech Residency.

Artist Statement

Angeline Marie Michael Meitzler is a pilipinx, artist and software worker based in Brooklyn, NY. Their work and research is simultaneously economic performance and dramatic web performance. Their work utilizes digital establishments such as e-commerce platforms, advertising and web forums in considering social and economic currency from postcolonial perspectives.

Spaghetti 12 mins. Spaghetti, considers the violence and impact of the Philippine's colonized history through situating cultural media and personal memories of spaghetti from an American and Philippine perspective. The web program randomly positions youtube videos featuring either American or Philippine spaghetti onto multidimensional surfaces inside the browser while an audio narrative plays connecting memories of eating the dish in both locations. After the web program is initiated, the site endlessly spawns new windows until the amount of processing power causes the computer to overwhelm and the browser to eventually collapse, freeze and deprecate; mimicking my inability to understand or make sense of the unanswered questions and origins of this dish.